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Welcome to leadbman.com. This is a personal site where I house all of my projects, quirky ideas and tests that I create. I have been designing websites since 1999 and over the years I have learnt many different and cool design tricks and secrets that I've been perfecting over the last 19 years. This site is housing the latest coding ideas and concepts that I've been working on.

This whole website works on a users local cookies to create a completely customised website for the user. The original concept came to me while I was working on the base design of this site. PHP originally meant "Personal Home Page" so I thought, why not create a site that allows the user to have a completely unique design for themselves - thus allowing anyone to have a "Personal Home Page". I wanted to steer clear of a database design as I wanted this design concept to be portable if I create other websites again in the future.

There are a few people/groups I want to give credits for on here that I've taken either samples or code concepts from in order to create this site:

Megadrive Emulator
  • lrusso.com's Megadrive/Genesis Emulator. I always wanted to see how these worked online so I'm currently reading through the code to see how this is done as it really intrigues me.
  • Uniq from YouTube for the song "Art of Silence".
  • Syn Cole from YouTube (NoCopyrightSounds) for the song "Feel Good".
  • 40A from Looperman for the loop "Transfixtion".
  • Cartoon from YouTube (NoCopyrightSounds) for the song "Why We Lose (ft. Coleman Trapp)".
  • JohnW from Flashkit for the loop "Casual Feeling".
  • Orbital for the loop from "Halcyon On and On".
  • Freestylers for the loop from "Get Down Massive".
Music Visualiser
  • dzone.com for their article on "Exploring the HTML5 Web Audio: Visualizing Sound" for the music visualiser.
Rain Effect
  • Online Tutorials from YouTube for their video on "Pure CSS Rain Animation With Lighting - Rain Effect with Html5 and CSS3 - No Javascript" that helped me get the rain effect I was after.
Pure CSS Fireworks
  • Thanks to a Code Pen by Eddie Lin I was able to get a CSS Fireworks effect working on the site.
  • flamingtext.com.au for the "Retro" logo for the site (On my original website back in 1999 I used their site to create my logo so this was used as a homage to the past).
  • weatherwidget.io for the amazing Weather Widget (That you can see on the slide out bar and the screen saver).
Background Videos
  • Savvas Karampalasis from YouTube for "FREE HD video backgrounds – city night scene with mountains and camera pan 3D animation".
  • Edited time lapse clip from YouTube called "BRISBANE NIGHTS | 4k timelapse" by Tomasz Szykulski.

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